Nano 2020 in Action

Dieter van der Eyken auf Teneriffa

Unsere Teamrider sind seit wenigen Wochen mit dem neuen Nano 2 in der Welle unterwegs und loben das Board in höchsten Tönen. Ein paar Kommentare wollen wir Euch nicht vorenthalten und Dieter ven der Eyken teilt sogar schon sein Setup mit euch.

Lina Erpenstein:

pic by Steffi Wahl

Excited to push my wavesailing to a new level with the new Severne Sails 2020 Nano. The drive and the tightness in the turns is insane 🔥🔥
Images loving the board from the first minute.

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Dieter van der Eyken:

Top turn on the @severnesails Nano 72 !
Fin setup:
14 cm in the back
10 cm in the front
Moved them a bit further apart compared to the @pwaworldtour in Pozo and it has absolutely transformed the board into a jumping and rail to rail riding machine!!
Looks like the end of summer is near though, so better go and make the most out of it!!

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Moritz Mauch

August is coming to an end, non stop wind and waves enjoying it with friends. What more can we ask for? Loving my new setup with @severnesails Nano and S-1 working amazing.

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